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Are you an opportunity seeker?  An ActionCOACH  franchise will put you on a fast track to impact business owners in the Heartland while helping you achieve your "Ideal Life!"


Help Local Businesses Grow & Thrive


Steer the Direction of Your Community


Create A Business That You're Passionate About


Hone Your Skills and Make an Impact

Love What You Do

Meet our Head Coach and Co-Founder, David Drewelow, as he talks about what drew him to, and still makes him love, his partnership with ActionCOACH.

Why Join ActionCOACH?

There are many reasons to join the ActionCOACH team — in fact, here are 17 Reasons — but the absolute best reason to join our team is to fulfill your desire to make an impact with your work.

Because our franchise partners and business coaches have a proven track record of success we go to great lengths to ensure that each person's vision aligns with that of ActionCOACH. Our team is for you if you’re ready to make an impact in your local community and so much more.  Especially if you are an opportunity seeker looking to achieve your "Ideal Life!"

World Class Training & Support

Lee @ Training

We provide three levels of training and on-going support to help you 'fast track' the ramp-up of your new coaching business...

  • Foundation Pre-Training:  Your accountability coach works with you on a 6-module program that includes four key books and 25+ hours of online training. The goal is to better prepare you for your next level of training.
  • Induction & Certification Training: Franchise Partners attend our 10-Day intensive training that includes hands-on interactive instruction.  You will learn the ActionCOACH proprietary programs and systems. Your trainers are top master coaches from around the world who have built highly successful franchise businesses.
  • Business Launch & Start-Up Coaching:  Ramping up is critical during your first 4-6 months.  We host a grand opening event to jump-start your marketing.  You will spend time in the field and on calls with successful franchise owners. Plus, you will attend weekly Master Classes led by our global trainers.  During all of this, you will have a start-up and skills coach to guide you with the implementation of your business plan.

We provide year-round support driven at the territory level with weekly team huddle calls, weekly 1-1 coaching calls, and quarterly planning sessions with the Heartland team.  Additionally, the Head Coach hosts territory events, bi-annual training events, and global conferences, all of which give you the opportunity to interact and learn from others within our community.

Proven, Ready-to-Use Systems


ActionCOACH has a 27-year track record of success in 80 countries and we are very excited to share the best, ready-to-use systems and processes to help you launch your business coaching business with a bang.

Unlike many franchise opportunities that take months to ramp up, the ActionCOACH model has you ready to start earning on day one.

From the beginning, you’ll enjoy unfettered access to:

  • Thousands of coaching and training resources
  • Regional, national, and international partners to share best practices
  • Turn-key marketing and branding materials
  • Proven 13-step sales process to assist with client acquisition
  • An online coaching portal for your clients
  • IT systems, customized website, and CRM to help you leverage your operations
  • And so much more!

At ActionCOACH Heartland, we see you as a bona fide member of our team from the very beginning and have a system, answer, tool, or resources ready to implement to free you up so you can start earning and growing your business right away!

Any Questions?

"ActionCOACH puts a framework around business which helps me to share proven concepts as I coach the business owners I work with."

-Jim Barger, ActionCOACH Heartland Franchise Partner

Make a Real Impact

https://youtu.be/kAqJKlAO3w8?t=4We can’t stress it enough: the best reason to join the ActionCOACH Heartland team is to make a real impact in your local business community.

By directly helping businesses to grow their profits, improve their sales & marketing, better systemize their operations, and educate & train their team, you will dramatically make an impact on your local economy. By working directly with business owners, you’re truly invigorating the lifeblood of your community!

Many of our partners, like Greg Thompson in this photo, take this a step further by getting actively involved by sitting on local non-profit boards, taking on volunteer positions, offering speaking engagements, and through direct action — and are often rewarded with access to new clients along the way.

Best of all, your success will be amplified because you will be able to leverage your education, knowledge and your work and life experiences - combined with the tools and resources ActionCOACH will provide you.  This will make for a powerful combination and help you to make a positive impact in your business community.

Awards & Recognition

Learn More About ActionCOACH

We’re just getting started with all there is to know about what ActionCOACH Heartland can do for you and your future. If you’re interested in learning more about us, check out these helpful resources to see what makes our team uniquely qualified to earn your partnership.