Business Model

Create Your Dream Business & Lifestyle


What would you think of this business opportunity…

Building a multi-million dollar Business Coaching Firm that would allow you to make a huge impact in the lives of business owners in your local community to meet increasing demand and get financially rewarded for your effort?

Our Firm Franchise Model offers these advantages...

  • An owner-investor model where you serve as the CEO/Managing Partner of a multi-coach firm, similar to an accounting or law firm.
  • Ideal for a single investor or investors as equity partners; potentially can be an absentee-owner business.
  • An asset-based model that offers an exclusive semi-protected geographic area based on zip codes.
  • Your firm territory includes 15,000, or more, businesses with a one-time license fee for a 15-year agreement.
  • You can hire an unlimited number of Business Coaches to work within your firm.
  • An ideal model for candidates with executive leadership experience.

Your focus would be on solving two major issues in the business community…

  • An astonishing 80% of Businesses FAIL in the first 5 – 10 years! At ActionCOACH Heartland we are on a mission to SAVE as many businesses as we possibly can right here in Nebraska and Iowa!
  • Did you know that 70 to 75% of businesses FAIL to SELL while listed with a business broker? Most simply close down within a year of not selling. And that leaves the owner with no real gain from what they have worked to build over a number of decades. Our coaches work with clients to help them develop long-term plans for a higher business valuation and a clear exit plan when they are ready to sell their business.

To begin, you must have the desire and interest in three areas…

  • To utilize your senior-level business experience or business owner experiences to forever change the trajectory of privately held businesses, the owners, and their families.
  • To build your own highly profitable and scalable B-2-B business that allows you to leverage our methodology and proven systems so your firm can transfer significant know-how per hour of coaching and you receive $300-900/hour for your services.
  • To join a team of committed franchise owners who focus on growing local businesses, increasing the success of the owners, and creating jobs in your local market.

As a Firm Owner, your team of business coaches would do the following…

  • Guide, support and motivate business owners for continued growth.
  • Guide business owners from all walks of life with their sales, marketing, financial management, systems development, team leadership, strategic planning, competitive advantage, exit strategies, and more.
  • Motivate business owners to be more successful, to increase their profits, and have a multi-generational impact on their families.
  • Help you build a profitable and scalable Business Coaching Firm, that is a sellable asset down the road when you look to execute your succession plan or exit strategy.
  • Use our proprietary business tools and coaching methodology to be able to transfer significant know-how and add huge value to your client base.

Currently, we have open territories available in Iowa and Nebraska.  SOLD out territories include Iowa City, Sioux City, Des Moines, and Omaha.  CLICK HERE to see our open territories.