Goal Setting – You’re Doing it Wrong?

Setting goals is really a simple thing. It’s a wonder that so many people seem to struggle with the process. Still, there’s no doubt that maintaining the motivation needed can often prove a bit tricky.

At ActionCOACH we’ve created a guide to help you stay on the straight and narrow, one that will keep you motivated even when you face obstacles and you feel like quitting.

Determine your desired outcome

Ask yourself where you want to be one year from now. What do you believe success looks like? How do you get there? Be specific. How will you make that goal a reality? You must devise concrete steps to take action. If you’re too general, for example, stating that your goal is to become “a millionaire.” That’s really broad. The action steps can become convoluted and overwhelming. Clarity is key here. Once you are clear, begin outlining your action steps. One of the easiest ways to do this is to figure out your game plan. Start with the end in mind and work backward.

Write it down

Science has proven that actually writing down your goals makes them more likely to come to fruition. By writing them down you’re investing in them, you’re setting your intentions. This is also a step that provides the kind of clarity you must have to begin creating your plan, and you do need a plan. Writing down just your goals isn’t enough. Be sure that you’re adding action steps and deadlines.

Create “I Am” statements

“You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are.” 
    ~Brad Sugars, Chairman, ActionCOACH

Creating “I Am” statements helps you to set an intention you can believe in. It also says that you’re ready for whatever you are looking for. For example, if your goal is to start a business as a mobile make-up artist, your “I Am” statement might read, “I am in the process of becoming the city’s most popular and sought after make-up artist.”

Finally, remind yourself daily that you’re working for something specific and take planned, active steps to work walk towards your goal. Another key component of success is to surround yourself with the people that align with your goals. You need to be engaged with people who have a similar mindset.

Look at your list and “I AM” statements every day. Be sure to have a plan for each week, for each month, for every 90 days and one year out, etc. If you can do that, you can’t fail.

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