Why Own a Franchise?

Curious about becoming a franchisee with ActionCOACH Heartland? Learn more here!

How many are just surviving in their current career? A lot of us feel stuck, after all, our jobs pay the bills and keep us comfortable, so why stray?

If you have that voice in your head or the beckoning from within that’s longing for something more — something different — ActionCOACH Heartland has an opportunity for you.

What is ActionCOACH Heartland? We work with real people and watch them find real success through our franchise opportunities. Why invest in a franchise? Explore why more and more people are choosing to own a franchise in today’s post!


Becoming The Best Business Coach With ActionCOACH Heartland

Discover the thriving franchise territory and partner with ActionCOACH Heartland to serve as the best business coach — period!.

Together, we’ll support small businesses to not only help save them, but to watch them grow — a purpose-driven career you don’t want to miss out on.

What does a day-to-day franchisee position look like at ActionCOACH Heartland? You’ll help businesses grow by guiding and supporting them through sales, marketing, financial management, team leadership, and more!


Considerations For Investing In A Franchise

If you have a privy business sense and an entrepreneurial spirit, owning a franchise may be perfect for you. As many well know, and with the global pandemic still present, opening a new business is risky, but what if it didn’t have to be?

Owning a franchise with ActionCOACH Heartland offers all the benefits of being an entrepreneur, without the uncertainty you often encounter — run your own scalable business with our proven formula for success.



Career freedom is something everyone desires — not only are you the boss, but it also affords you freedom beyond just your job.

With a franchised business, you often benefit from schedule flexibility, financial autonomy, and more time to create the work/life balance that’s so appealing.

Owning a franchise business with ActionCOACH Heartland is how you harness the power of freedom!



Growth Under A Common Brand

Becoming a franchisee allows you to operate independently, but with the benefit and guidance of what’s worked — and what has not — for that brand.

You’ll receive in-depth insight into sales and marketing, and other considerations for operating your business including:

  • Making decisions with the experience of other franchisees
  • Employee training
  • How to leverage your business investments
  • Operational support



Established Sales, Branding, & Marketing

A franchise is available because it has a proven system in place, and because sales and marketing are key pieces to your business, this automatically gives you a huge advantage compared to business owners starting from scratch.

Brand awareness is also something that goes a long way in owning a franchise. The franchise system is already recognized by customers, and typically people feel more comfortable spending money with a business they’re already familiar with — they already have the following and trust from consumers.

At the end of the day, you immediately have an entire system and a way to do business. From logos to sales pitch inspiration, the guesswork is eliminated.



Larger Possibility Of Success

Investing in a franchise is less of a gamble, which often equates to higher rates of success. Again, there is an authenticated and well-established business model that guides you along the way. And when you stick to the method, you’re likely to run a successful business.




Exclusive Franchise Territories

ActionCOACH Heartland has exclusive franchise territories, that are essentially a protected area where we do business.

We ensure that you stay competitive in your area by restricting the number of franchisees that open in one geographical region.




The Franchise Opportunity Of ActionCOACH Heartland

There are so many reasons to own a franchise including the freedom, growth, and success you’ll likely achieve, but with ActionCOACH Heartland, we go beyond the traditional franchise prospects.

  • Turn-key business opportunities
  • Rapid business ramp-up
  • Over 3,500 business tools
  • Create jobs that impact the growth of your community
  • Proven 13-step sales and client conversion process
  • Franchising typically becomes SELF-FUNDING within 8-12 weeks for clients
  • Success in all market conditions
  • High earning potential

What’s not to love about a franchise? If you’re ready to take action, connect with ActionCOACH Heartland today!