Franchise Opportunities in Iowa

Looking for something different? Join the ActionCOACH Heartland team!

There are business coaches, and then there are the best business coaches — the latter have partnered with the world’s #1 business coaching franchise, ActionCOACH Heartland, to change the lives of small businesses across the country.

Your opportunity to become a part of something different and support your community is now — there are franchise opportunities in Iowa. Are you ready to take action?

ActionCOACH Heartland is a business coach franchise model that offers measurable ROI for our clients. Dive into investing in an Iowa franchise territory in today’s post.

Getting Started

Do you feel a pull, and are you ready to make a career change? ActionCOACH Heartland may be the perfect fit for you. We’re one of the most sought-after business coaching franchises to make an impact worldwide. Curious if you’d be a good fit? We can set up an exploration call to better determine if this opportunity is the right fit for you.

We also have a Franchisee Test available on our website to provide more insight on if you may qualify. We ask scalable questions including:

  • I enjoy helping people
  • I enjoy being coached and coaching others
  • I would rate my general business experience as
  • I would rate my ability as a change agent as

Why Iowa?

Like most states recovering from the pandemic with layoffs and furloughs in 2020, Iowa is an economy in transition, but it has a strong sense of community and supporting local businesses.

The proven method of ActionCOACH Heartland is that we’re in demand in all market conditions — business owners need ActionCOACH in a weak economy, and they want ActionCOACH in a strong economy.

So, why become a franchisee and set roots in an Iowa territory? Iowa doesn’t seem like a lucrative place on the map, but it’s an undiscovered gem that should not be overlooked.

Commitment To Education

If you have a family that you’d be relocating to, Iowa is known for its top-rated education — with a graduation rate of 90%, a literacy rate of 99%, and a high national average score on both the SAT and ACT tests — your children’s education will be prioritized.

Low Cost Of Living

The cost of living in Iowa is roughly 10% lower than a collection of cities across the US, in addition to lower prices on homes and other expenses.

Why is the cost of living so much lower? Small businesses play a role! The small towns support local businesses to provide and take care of the community, so the prices are set by the people for the community.

Becoming an ActionCOACH Heartland franchisee in Iowa will allow you to help grow small businesses and take care of the community.

Small Town Feel

Even in bigger cities such as Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, and Sioux City, the rolling plains of this state still have a small-town feel — forget traffic jams and pollution!

The ActionCOACH Heartland Difference

Yes, we’re the premier business coaching entity, but we’re so much more than a coaching franchise!

Contribution – We make a significant impact on the Iowa community and the local economy.
Growth – We provide growth for everyone — the community, personal, and professional.
Teamwork – You’ll have the best business coaching team that guides you towards success.
Significance – Play a role in the community.
Variety & Opportunity – Find solutions and tackle the unique challenges your clients face.
Certainty – We have a proven franchise business coach method with more than 20 years of experience.

Why else become a business coach franchisee with ActionCOACH Heartland?

The opportunity to invest in a franchise that makes a difference is what ActionCOACH Heartland is all about. Sure, many franchises exist — restaurants, hotels, entertainment, etc. — but our business coaching franchise impacts so many.

  • Get constant, reliable cash flow
  • Build long-term client relationships
  • Become a leader in the Iowa business community
  • Benefit from our proven franchise framework
  • Invest in a turn-key business
  • Take advantage of more than 3,500 tools to improve and optimize all areas of your client’s businesses

This Is Your Chance To Finally Be A Successful Business Coach!

ActionCOACH Heartland is the business opportunity for you — cultivate a multi-million dollar business coaching firm and impact the local Iowa community.

Become a franchisee in Iowa today when you partner with ActionCOACH Heartland.